RetroBlade: Prologue (HD)

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This is the Prologue of RetroBlade, a long-form, Science Fantasy Epic featuring time travel and symbiotic forces known as Augments

  • Full colour comic
  • HD optimised for iPad and most tablets
  • Exclusive Concept Art and Extras!

Genres: Science Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Comedy 

 Estimated Rating: PG-13


In the year 3007 a reality crash will wipe everything out. The last known survivor, Axel Kepler is working his way backwards through time, trying to figure out where it all went wrong...

With a severely out of touch Database, a Transmutation Device for food (that, if anything, makes molecules less edible than they were before) and only a cryptic Blueprint left by his sister to guide him, he needs help…

He needs a Team.

Together, they will find out how to fix things, who the good guys really are… and why people from the future have such cheesy haircuts.

‘Meanwhile’, a few millennia earlier… a young boy named Magnus is bestowed with remarkable powers he was never meant to have, and chooses not to save the world with them.

Thank goodness for rose-tinted specs…

Quotes from Reviews:

"Retroblade is amazing! Unique concept, great storytelling, superb art that makes inferior art tremble, and brilliant world-building."

-Ben Howard, journalist for PopOptiq

“This series is a lot of fun to read. The art is pretty much flawless. These pages are rendered with an amount of detail that is very satisfying.”

-Paul Schmitt, Gargantuan Media

"...the prologue sets things up with a really, REALLY interesting backstory. I don’t want to give away all the details, but, it’s more elaborate and interesting than others I’ve read."

-Jack, writer at

“Yup, there’s time travel in this! And who doesn’t love time travel?!”

-Emmett A Hamilton III, founder of Creative D.I.Y.

This download is in high definition, and comes with bonus Concept art and extra background information not found anywhere else! It also includes a personal letter from the author. 

If you'd like to start reading this series, this is the best way to begin.

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RetroBlade: Prologue (HD)

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